Kingdom A&S Festival

Yesterday was great! I finished the serk (underdress) at 3AM then got up at 7:30AM to take a photo with it on and add that to the documentation.

I headed up to the event. Twenty minutes from arriving a friend contacted me going “hey my Saturday opened up, is it too late to come this SCA thing?” I told her I can’t drive her up, but if she can get someone to give her a lift, there’s garb in my closet that’ll fit her. That didn’t happen.

While setting up, I realized my serk documentation was missing. It’s stored in Dropbox, so I tried tethering my iPad to my phone to download it. I didn’t have a data signal. Just as I was about to leave to use McDonalds’ WiFi, Lady Babs offered her phone’s tethering since she’s on a different network. It downloaded in a few minutes, and I was all set to go with zoomable documentation.

I got a ton of compliments on my documentation. It was almost all 10/10. Thank you to Sir Stanford, Mistress Elienne, and Baron Badouin for reviewing all of it beforehand! Yes, I’ll be posting it here soon. I’m working on getting the last of the photos up first.

My dresses scored in the 90s (out of 100), and Master Miguel (the Spanish Peacock) gave complimentary remarks on my spindle whorl when he judged it.

I don’t know where I ended up in the rankings, but it was high enough that when I told the person running the pentathlon that one of my score sheets was added up wrong, with 6*3=6, shorting me by 12 points, she jumped out of her seat, ran to talk to the other person who was running it, then ran to her car to recheck the final scores. She said the top 3 were so close this could shake things up. This was before the winner was announced, so I know it didn’t shake them up that much.

Overall, on 11 judging sheets I had 984 points, or an average of 89.5. The smokkr scored 93 and 95. The serk scored 89, 93, and 94. The dyed wool scored 75 and 98. The yarn scored 54 and 94. The whorl scored 78 and 85.

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