Weaving & Apprenticeship

I’m now apprenticed to Mistress Brienna, the fabric production Laurel from Bright Hills. So, if I get in trouble, I guess you’re supposed to tell her! I found out about a woman in Delaware selling a 42″ wide counterbalance loom, so Brienna and I went over to snatch it up. It’s now in my basement in what was the scribal room and is now the loom room (though it does still have scribal supplies in it).

42" counterbalance floor loom on the right and a table loom on the left
42″ counterbalance floor loom on the right and a table loom on the left

The table loom is still in there, still disassembled. I got a new set of heddles for it, though, so I should get the old ones off and shine up their holders and put the new ones on.

I also picked up a tablet loom from Egill’s Woodstuffs over the winter. During last month’s Textile Arts Guild meetup at Brienna’s house, we got it warped up in continuous warp fashion and I started playing around. I made a new belt, this one long enough to go around my waist three times so I can hold a distaff easily.

Zig-zaggy purple and blue belt
Zig-zaggy purple and blue belt

On that note, if you’d like a tablet loom like the one I have, I suggest making that order soon. Egill was robbed last week, and he could really use the business to get things back together.

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