1520 Florentine

me standing with hands folded wearing a grey dress with gathered skirt, square neck, and black velvet sleeves
Full-length view of a dress based on early 16th century Florentine sources

This style of dress saw very little change from about 1500 through the 1520s. The thing that makes it lean 1520 versus 1505 is the trim. Raphael’s 1505-1507 Florentine portraiture shows a single line of trim. “The Preaching of St John the Baptist” shows the patrons in similar dresses (with two sleeve variations) with two lines of trim near the neck.

This was the second dress I sewed.

View of hand-sewn eyelets on side-lacing
Eyelets are sewn by hand using black thread
me facing away showing the back of grey dress with gathered skirt and square neck and black velvet sleeves
Back view
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