Wool gown progress

Bodice front and back interlinings done in cream-colored linen with pad stitching. Front bodice piece is folded to show white linen lining. Background is burgundy wool.
The bodice pieces ready to be wrapped in wool

The wool gown is coming along pretty well. On Thursday, I finished pad stitching the bodice interlining.

image shows inside of back bodice piece and outside of front bodice piece. Lining is white linen. Fashion fabric is burgundy wool.
The bodice is done, save for some eyelets and the shoulder seams

Over the weekend, I attached the lining, and then attached the fashion fabric.

Now I’m hemming one edge of each skirt panel (they’re straight rectangles, cut so selvages will be on the vertical seams) to be where the waist is, then I’ll pleat it and sew that finished, pleated edge to the bottom edge of the bodice.

Well, I’ll probably sew the shoulder straps together at the top and the selvages of the skirt pieces together at the sides, THEN do the pleating.

Did I mention I’m hoping to wear this dress on Saturday at the North American Science Fiction Convention? I’m going to be on a costuming panel there that day. I’m 99% sure I won’t have the doppia in at that point, but I’m hopeful about sleeves—which, by the way, look like they should be pinned on.

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