Persona Pentathlon planning

Last winter I decided I was going to enter the Persona Pentathlon at KASF this winter. A few months ago, I decided the Eleonora dress would set the theme.

I’ve also recently been seeing a lot of really good-looking Norse garb from a blog called Saewulf. At Pennsic, while standing in a fabric store and looking at some blue wool twill, I mentioned to Lady Babs of Bonei that I wanted to make a nice Norse outfit out of wool, and have it be winter garb. At this point she reminded me that we are going to a Norse wedding the first weekend of October, and I have nothing to wear. Then, she bought me 2yd of the wool to make a hangerock, because I’ve been doing a lot of handsewing for her.

When I got home from Pennsic I started researching. I’m going to do the outfit based off the Haithabu/Hedeby find Inga Hägg detailed. It’ll be all handsewn, and I went to an embroidery shop to find matching blue wool thread.

So, now I have a hard deadline of October 3 to finish the Norse outfit. I don’t think there’s going to be time to do the Florentine PP to the level I expect of myself.

New plan!

At KASF 2014, I will enter:

  1. Hangerock
  2. Serk
  3. Nålbind socks
  4. Handspun, dyed yarn
  5. …something else, maybe get back into metalcasting?

At KASF 2015, I will enter:

  1. Eleonora dress
  2. Linen chemise blackworked in silk with handmade bobbin lace trim
  3. Hairnet
  4. Calligraphy
  5. Hand-dyed embroidery silks
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