Viking Progress

Saturday I went to the Library of Congress, which seems to be the only place in the United States that has a copy of “Die Textilfund aus dem Hafen von Haithabu.” I now have a lot of German to throw at online translation programs until I get something that makes sense.

I ran out of thread while sewing the smokkr, but I ordered more, and it arrived Friday or Saturday. My weekend was full enough that I’m not quite sure. Anyway, the last seam is now finished, and the hem around the top of the dress is done, and the hem around the bottom is about a third done. After that, I need to put in the darts, add shoulder loops, and attach the trim.

Today, while I happened to be working from home (because my horseless carriage decided it would work better with the horse), my lace bobbins arrived. Braiding and bobbin lace are similar enough that they are a fantastic tool to have (along with the rolly pillow) for making the six-strand braid to replicate what’s on the original textile find. I have about a yard of trim done. I need a bit over 2 yards. Handily, this is something I can take anywhere—I was lucky enough to have my lace pillow come out just the right size to fit in the basket I picked up at Pennsic.

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