Twelfth Night

Atlantia Twelfth Night was this past Saturday. Since I made the website this year, I had a busy time of updating all the table reservations for feast the last couple weeks.

The site was pretty, and everyone’s garb looked great. I didn’t make any Ottoman garb for the event. I am busy enough with the Viking project! I spent several hours at the event sitting at a table sewing and chatting, and Lady Álfrún Ketta brought me a copy of “Tools for Textile Production from Birka and Hedeby” to get spindle information from. My own copy has still not arrived. Ox Bow Books is out of stock on them. Lady Teleri brought along her first attempt at brocaded tablet weaving.

Last week I took a break from my Viking sewing to finish eyeleting one of the dresses I’d started for Lady Amber. We have an arrangement: I make her pretty things, she buys me pretty things. She gave me the lovely blue wool I used for my apron dress. The dress I finished last week was part of that arrangement, but we agreed I would work on more dresses for her, and she would get me a Spanish Peacock spindle. Master Miguel from the Spanish Peacock sells lovely, extremely well-balanced fiber tools that are in high demand and sell out quickly. Not knowing how long until we’d next see him in stock on supported spindles (seeing as he hasn’t merchanted at an SCA event in two years, always having been out of stock due to mundane selling alone), she bought me a supported spindle with a padauk whorl. She also bought herself a lucet so I can have the one I lent her back.

Oh, I figured out something imporant: if you just have one hole in your sleeve and one in your shoulder strap, and you’re using a linen fingerloop braid to tie them together, do a half knot (like before you tie your shoes) before doing your one-loop bow. The bow will just keep untying til you do.

Court was full of surprises. Lady Devin was called into court and given an Opal for her services, and Their Majesties mentioned to all assembled that Lady Devin has a little one on the way! I was also called in and given a Coral Branch. And then, just as Meisterin Johanna was sitting at our table sewing and whispering to the person next to her that what? oh, no, she doesn’t have any A&S awards, not even a baronial one, but she’s happy to keep teaching folks in the barony how to make garb…Their Excellencies Storvik walked into court and said there had been a grave injustice done, and they wished to correct their predecessors’ error, and they called Meisterin Johanna into court. She looked up and shouted “ME?!” dropped her glasses and headed up. She then received the Owl (our table howled with laughter), quickly followed by His Majesty stepping down from his throne to also award her a Coral Branch. Lady Rayhana also received an Opal, after all the work she did organizing Twelfth Night.

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