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Mackenzie is a web developer, writer, and a textile nerd. She's also serving on communications and outreach committees at both the local and yearly meeting levels.

Godai’s Jinbaori

For his laureling, I made 五代勝長先生の陣羽織 (Master Godai Katsunaga’s jinbaori). The overall pattern and placement of the laurel wreathes mirror this late Muromachi era (1336–1573) 陣羽織, which has the 紋 (mon) centered large on the back and then smaller on … Continue reading

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Blog maintenance: documentation is visible again

(Swaps from sottana to t-shirt and puts on computer-nerd hat) After receiving a request via blog comment asking for my documentation for one of my projects, I went “hmmm” and looked around. Turns out my documentation had disappeared! The Javascript … Continue reading

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Weaving & Apprenticeship

I’m now apprenticed to Mistress Brienna, the fabric production Laurel from Bright Hills. So, if I get in trouble, I guess you’re supposed to tell her! I found out about a woman in Delaware selling a 42″ wide counterbalance loom, … Continue reading

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